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Why Filebox?

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Smart AI chat platform.

With Filebox, store and navigate conversations seamlessly and swiftly. Harness the power of chat-based AI models like ChatGPT and Google's PaLM API (Bard).

Intuitive chat interface

At the heart of Filebox is its chat interface, designed to mimic the simplicity and familiarity of your everyday text messaging platforms.

Model Flexibility

Allows you to select from a variety of Large Language Models (LLMs), including fine-tuned models, to tailor your AI interaction according to your specific needs.


Filebox allows you to share all your work, including AI chat conversations, with your team, facilitating real-time collaboration.

Fly through your conversations
twice as fast as before

Get more done in less time with Filebox's lightning-fast response times and simultaneous prompt execution.

  • Every click under 50ms
  • Batch processing
  • Models keep running in background
  • Save your chats in the cloud with your files
  • Secure chat storage
  • Multi-model support
  • Advanced prompt editing

    With these features, you have full control over your interaction with the AI. Not only can you modify existing prompts, but you also have the flexibility to regenerate responses, fork entire conversations, or insert new prompts at any point in your conversation.

    This creates a highly customizable and interactive experience, making your conversations with AI models more productive and enjoyable. Some of the features are highlighted below:

    • Fork your conversations

      Provides you with the ability to create a new branch from an existing conversation at any point in your interaction. This allows you to explore different conversational paths or outcomes based on a particular prompt, without losing or altering the original conversation thread. It's a powerful tool for experimenting with various inputs, or generating diverse outputs.

    • Intelligent split

      Offers the unique capability to divide a single conversation into multiple separate threads. This advanced AI tool intelligently identifies distinct ideas or topics within the conversation, creating individual conversation branches for each. This feature is particularly effective for managing complex discussions, enabling you to focus on each idea separately without losing the context of the original conversation. Additionally, you can generate long-form content by splitting a conversation into multiple threads and then combining them.

    Collaborate on chats

    Designed for teams of any size to work together on LLM conversations in real-time. It invites collective participation, allowing team members to jointly edit prompts, tweak responses, and steer conversations. Whether brainstorming ideas, fine-tuning AI-generated content, or creating API endpoints, "Collaborate" fosters a unified approach to AI-assisted workflows, making it an ideal tool for creative synergy and dynamic teamwork.

  • Share chats
  • Real-time interaction
  • Configure teams
  • Multiple teams per user
  • .........

    Chat platform FAQ

    What is the Multi-model AI Chat feature?

    It allows users to choose from various AI models for tailored interactions. You can select the model that best suits your needs.

    Does Filebox support fine-tuned AI models?

    Yes, absolutely. Filebox supports various fine-tuned AI models, including those from OpenAI. This allows for more specific and intelligent interactions based on your particular needs.

    What if I need to use different AI models for different tasks?

    No problem. Filebox offers the flexibility to choose different AI models as per your specific needs.

    How does the Intelligent Split Feature work?

    This feature lets you divide complex discussions into separate threads, each focusing on a specific idea or topic, making it easier to manage and navigate through extensive conversations.

    Can I share my AI chat conversations?

    Yes, sharing your AI chat conversations is as simple as sharing any other file. This feature is especially useful when you want to share insights from AI chats or continue a brainstorming session with others.

    Is there a limit on the number of AI chat conversations I can store?

    With our 2GB plan, you can store a substantial amount of AI chat conversations. While the exact number can vary depending on the length of each conversation, you can typically store up to 500,000 average-sized chat interactions.

    Workspace for your AI projects

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