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Discover what makes Filebox unique

The benefits of Filebox:
Structured Creativity

AI is available to enhance your creativity and productivity, making Filebox not just a storage solution, but also a creative companion.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Co-create AI-driven prompts, fostering effortless collaboration and comprehensive knowledge sharing within your organization.

Best of AI

Leverage unparalled AI capabilities by selecting the most impactful LLM APIs tailored to your business needs, all from open-source to Google and OpenAI.

Secure & Compliant

Operate with confidence as your sensitive data remains private, all within a framework that upholds compliance (GDPR, CCPA and more).

We take pride in being at the forefront of innovation by introducing the conversational AI solution that seamlessly blends with cloud storage. The future of productive companies lies in combining company knowledge and AI into dynamic, intelligent workflows: empowering your data to work intelligently on your behalf. Our mission is to deliver an intuitive, customer-centric smart platform that harmonizes prompts, internal processes, and workflows. Embrace the evolution of AI with a shared workspace. Welcome to – the new way of working with conversational AI.

One unified AI platform

Simplify and synchronize your digital experience with Why scatter your workflow across multiple platforms when one can cater to all your needs? eliminates the hassle of using separate tools for file management and AI interactions. We offer a unified platform that merges robust storage solutions with advanced AI prompt engineering, streamlining your processes in a single, efficient workspace.

Supercharge productivity

Enhance your brainstorming, conduct in-depth industry analysis, or delve into customer research with the advanced AI capabilities of Our Intelligent Split feature expertly splits complex dialogues into clear, distinct threads, sharpening focus and aiding understanding. Experience the power of AI-enhanced communication with, and discover a more intelligent way to interact and achieve your team's objectives.

Store and organize

You can store and manage your AI chat conversations, prompt templates, and files, all in one neatly organized hub. makes prompt management smarter, smoother, and more integrated, allowing you to be more productive by focusing on your work and creativity. Embrace the future of prompt engineering with - where file storage and AI interaction coexist seamlessly

Share and collaborate

Unleash the power of collective creativity with, where sharing prompt work with colleagues and clients is super easy and secure. Our platform not only enables the co-creation of AI prompts and the customization of tailored templates but also simplifies their organization for repeated use across team functions. Streamlining the sharing process all while maintaining precise control over access and permissions. enables collaborative innovation.


The world's best AI

Connecting your content with the world's leading AI, securely within Filebox.

Google PaLM

Use Cases

For every function & industry

Build, share, & collaborate with intelligent prompts within filebox for you and your business.

Simplify your life with dedicated storage that aids in organizing documents and streamlining content creation for both professionals and personal endeavors.

Health & Fitness

Devise personalized nutrition and exercise regimes with ease, taking into account individual-specific factors such as age, gender, weight, and activity level.


Transform the educational experience with a secure platform for managing and sharing learning materials, bolstered by AI capabilities that facilitate the creation of diverse educational content.

Social Media

Propel your personal branding efforts with tools designed to generate high-quality content for blogs, social media, and other personal marketing initiatives.

Sales & Marketing

Boost sales and marketing productivity with AI-driven content generation and sales tools, designed to enhance producitivity and ensuring you can focus on what matters.

Human Resources

Revolutionize HR processes with the power to generate compelling job descriptions and analyze resumes more effectively, ensuring the best talent acquisition.


Streamline financial workflows with capabilities for generating comprehensive reports, fostering collaborative projects, and enhancing data management practices.

Product development

Accelerate product innovation with a collaborative platform that harnesses AI for market analysis, feature ideation, and consumer insights, driving forward your development cycle.

Frequently asked questions

What is Filebox and how does it work?

Filebox is a cloud-based productivity platform that integrates secure file storage with sophisticated AI functions. It enables users to securely store, share, and manage files and prompts.

Does using filebox use my data to teach a Large Language Model or AI?

Filebox guarantees that your data will not be used to train any language models or AI systems, ensuring that your data remains private and secure.

How secure is Filebox?

Data security is a top priority at Filebox, and we uphold this commitment by implementing encryption protocols for all data. Our platform adheres to critical data protection regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your information.

What types of files can I store on Filebox?

Filebox excels in managing a vast array of digital assets. Although our platform accommodates multimedia files—photos, videos, and audio—please note that the chat attachment feature is currently limited to PDFs and text files.

What file types are compatible with Filebox's chat feature?

The chat attachment feature of Filebox supports PDFs and a broad spectrum of text file formats, allowing for fluid integration within your dialogues.

What pricing plans does Filebox offer?

FileboxAI presents diverse pricing strategies to accommodate the unique needs of solo users, teams, and larger corporations. Visit our pricing page for a comprehensive breakdown of options.

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